Nutterly in the Press

Delicious Living's 2016 Best Bite Awards: Nutterly Best Cookie

June, 2016 - "The wizards at Nutterly somehow alchemize seemingly unimpressive ingredients like cane sugar, hazelnuts, egg whites and salt into a magical grain-free cookie that begs to be submerged into your afternoon tea or latte. One bite, and we were hooked." [Read full article]



Trending healthy at the 2016 Fancy Food Show

July, 2016 - "Products made with few ingredients, or even just one, were popular, like...Nutterly's hand-baked cookie snaps - made only with nuts, sugar, salt, and egg whites - that had a nice crunch from the ground nuts and didn't suffer from the lack of butter." [Read full article]



They were unbelievably delicious

"It all started this spring when I bought a bag of cookies I’d never seen before at Alfalfa’s in Boulder. They were crisp, sweet snaps that were made mostly of nuts and came in three flavors — almond, hazelnut and pistachio. I flipped! They were unbelievably delicious. And they were being made in Steamboat Springs … As it happened, I had to attend a CCI meeting in Steamboat in June. So, I made a point of visiting the wholesale plant of Nutterly by Nature. That’s where I met Lisa Ciraldo, a trained pastry chef who’s started her own business. As she explained, her intent was “to create a product that takes its cues from nature — an uncomplicated cookie with complex flavors and a clean label — meaning we only use real foods to craft naturally gluten-free treats.” I was hooked. I bought a case of each flavor … Now Telluriders don’t have to travel to Steamboat to enjoy this Colorado delight — Over the Moon is selling all three varieties. Check ‘em out." [Read full article]

Nutterly Wins at Anaheim Coffee Fest 2016

Nutterly, makers of the naturally gluten-free Cookie Snap, awed Coffee Fest goers in Anaheim last month with their three nutty flavors - Almond, Hazelnut, and Pistachio - now available in a single serving size. [Read full article]


Nutterly Wins in Anaheim

o-Founders Lisa Ciraldo and Peter Robinson captured the first place trophy for Best New Product and brought it home to their headquarters in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Nutterly has a simple approach to their Cookie Snap recipe; with just a handful of ingredients – nuts, cane sugar, egg whites, and salt – a delicious allergy-friendly treat is yielded. [Read full article]